Mashelkar Foundation


of Inclusive Innovations

Sector: Breast cancer screening
Company: UE LifeSciences
Headquarters: Philadelphia, USA
IBreastExam is an FDA approved, non-invasive, hand-held, portable, radiation-free, pain-free breast cancer screening device.
Sector: Remote monitoring
Company: Turtle Shell Technologies
Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
Dozee is an FDA approved, India’s first continuous, contact-free remote monitoring system (RMS) and early warning system (EWS).
Sector: Oral cancer screening
Company: Sascan MediTech
Headquarters: Thiruvananthapuram, India
Oralscan is an optical imaging multimodal device for identifying pre-cancerous lesions of the oral cavity, which is also portable and completely pain-free.
Sector: Portable ECG
Company: Agatsa
Headquarters: Noida, India
SanketLife 2.0 is a credit card-sized, 12-lead portable ECG machine that connects to a smartphone wirelessly and displays ECG graphs on a smartphone under 2 minutes.
Sector: Respiratory disorders screening
Company: Salcit Technologies
Headquarters: Hyderabad, India
Swaasa is an SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) innovation which performs diagnosis of lung health for respiratory problems such as TB, COPD and others by processing cough sounds.
Sector: Metabolic disorders screening
Company: Aarca Research
Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
IHRA is an AI-enabled software that uses thermal camera and predicts risk scores for diabetes, hypertension and Dyslipidaemia. Hayl is a similar yet ultra-portable solution that predicts 18 health parameters including early risk of metabolic disorders.
Sector: Maternal and Infant monitoring
Company: JioVio Technologies
Headquarters: Madurai, India
SaveMom is an IOT based monitoring and risk prediction platform for pregnant women.
Sector: Anemia screening
Company: EzeRx
Headquarters: Bhubaneshwar, India
EzeCheck – a non-invasive, portable device that can detect Anemia within less than a minute and without drawing a single drop of blood from the human body.
Sector: Surgical, wound, trauma care
Company: Axio Biosolutions
Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India
Axiostat is an FDA approved hemostat that is an advanced wound dressing known for stopping profuse bleeding instantly.
Sector: Robotic scavenging
Company: Genrobotics
Headquarters: Thiruvananthapuram, India
Bandicoot is a robotic scavenger that is a revolutionary alternative to the gruesome practice of manual scavenging.
Sector: Eye-health monitoring
Company: Forus Health
Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
3nethra is an intelligent, portable, non-invasive, non-mydriatic, low cost device that helps in pre-screening of five major eye diseases.
Sector: Kidney disorders screening
Company: Renalyx
Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
Renalyx is an end-to-end solution for renal care including products like point-of-care CKD detecting kits, remote monitoring dialysis machines and a telenephrology platform.