Mashelkar Foundation



Flavia Agnes

For nearly three decades now, Flavia Agnes has been championing the movement for women’s empowerment through her organisation Majlis. Founded in 1990, Majlis has been a harbinger of the women’s rights movement in India. It is an all-women organization comprising lawyers and support staff. From providing high quality, expert legal opinion to women and children who have suffered acute abuse; to advocacy for law reforms, Majlis toils to create systemic change and long-lasting impact. It has provided litigation support to more than 50,000 women and legal advice to another 1,50,000 – most of whom are from underprivileged and marginalized backgrounds. Faced with an abusive and violent marriage, not only did Flavia overcome her own harrowing circumstances, but also emerged as a gender justice warrior to help others.


Narayana Rao Sripada

Narayana is the Founder and CTO of Salcit Technologies. Narayana is passionate about innovating and building products. He wants to make respiratory healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

Venkat Yechuri

Venkat is the CEO of Salcit Technologies. He has over two decades of experience internationally strategizing businesses, building products, and creating an inspiring environment to grow as a team.

Manmohan Jain

Manmohan is the COO of Salcit Technologies. Manmohan has over 20 years of experience in diverse technical and managerial roles, including software design, product development, technical management, and operations.