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For Sanket

The Problem

With nearly 30 million people suffering from heart ailments, India is unfortunately known as the heart disease capital of the world. Globally, the problem affects many more millions. Adding to the problem, heart attacks are notoriously difficult to detect.

The Motivation

When Rahul Rastogi’s father was admitted in hospital after complaining of a heavy feeling in his chest, tests showed he had been on the brink of a massive heart attack. That near-crisis and the stress of regular follow-up tests after the angioplasty made the couple Rahul and Neha think – could heart monitoring be done differently?
Both Neha and Rahul were electronics engineers by education and working as engineers at popular MNCs CSC and Samsung. They decided to quit their jobs to create a gadget to help people monitor their heart function on their own at home, hence providing an early warning of a crisis.

The Inclusive Innovation

‘Sanket’ electrocardiogram (ECG) device is a disruptive high-tech innovative solution for personal cardiac care. It is a credit card-sized heart monitor, which acts like a portable ECG machine, making it possible to monitor the heart condition, making it as simple as monitoring body temperature. The high-tech 12-lead ECG recorder connects to a smartphone wirelessly, and displays and records ECG graphs on a smartphone. The ECG report can be shared instantly with a doctor via e-mail, Bluetooth – or even via WhatsApp! The affordable device marks a dramatic shift in the way we approach cardiac care, doing away with expensive ECG machines, distant hospitals or laboratories, and skilled technicians.

The Impact

Over two lakh users (doctors and heart patients) have used Sanket to conduct over 400 hours of ECG, and the numbers are rapidly increasing. Their newly launched product SanketLife Muti Vital did record sales of more than 1000 units during pre-launch. Their organisation Agatsa has evolved to serve not only India, but also other countries like Turkey, Germany, USA, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and UAE.

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Rahul Rastogi

Rahul is the CEO of Agatsa and an engineer by training. He is an entrepreneur on a mission to deliver cutting-edge technology in Healthcare.

Neha Rastogi

Neha is Founder & COO at Agatsa and has over a decade of experience in creating affordable and technologically advanced healthcare products.