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Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra

The Problem

Globally 2 billion people are estimated to be anemic with ~30% of all women suffering from anemia.  In India, iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA) is a significant health crisis with nearly 2 out of every 3 women suffering from it. Anemia during pregnancy can exacerbate maternal and child mortality. Even if children of severely anemic mothers survive, they could suffer from abnormalities, premature deaths, and low birth weight. The paradox is that though anemia can be diagnosed and treated relatively easily; very often patient monitoring turns out to be the most difficult task.

It is recommended that pregnant women get an Hb check done every 3 months during pregnancy. Unfortunately, some patients may live at a distance of up to 15 miles from a primary health centre. Travelling this distance is not only uncomfortable for them; it also leads to the loss of one day’s wages. The invasive method of pricking the finger to draw blood is also an unpleasant experience. There are many devices in the market that may be used to measure blood Hb; however, they all present some challenge or the other. Most involve pricking the skin and are high cost – up to $1 per test – and some devices lack portability, which is critical in treating rural populace.

The Inclusive Innovation

EzeRx, a MedTech and BioTech startup created EzeCheck – a non-invasive, portable device that can detect Anemia within less than a minute and without drawing a single drop of blood from the human body. The device which is IoT enabled and allows cloud storage comes with a platform which tracks the measured data in real time. The patient is supposed to insert his left-hand ring finger in the device socket for ~30 seconds which uses absorption spectrometry and artificial intelligence to determine the hemoglobin. The test report is immediately available and can be shared with doctors in real time.

EzeCheck platform has been well designed for large community screening programs where an interactive dashboard with real time data analysis of total tests conducted on each day, profile of the patients and so on. The device does not require any lab technicians but just an hour’s training for semi-skilled community volunteers. While there are multiple hemoglobin screening devices in the market, EzeRx offers portability, convenience, accuracy and speed – but more importantly at ~25-30% price of these devices. Additionally, in terms of pay-per-test model, EzeRx charges less than INR 10 per test!

EzeCheck has received certifications from CDSCO, ISO, IEC; validated by the ICMR and is also registered on the Government’s e-marketplace (GEM portal).

The Impact

EzeRx has screened over 10 lakh people so far with over ~4000 EzeCheck devices deployed in various setups. EzeRx has been a part of multiple Anemia Mukt Bharat Program initiatives including those with the states of UP and Orissa. EzeRx partnered with ~250 organizations so far including NGOs and CSR foundations, clinics and is also in partnership with some major pharma companies like Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma, Cipla and PnG.

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Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra

Manmohan Jain

Manmohan is the COO of Salcit Technologies. Manmohan has over 20 years of experience in diverse technical and managerial roles, including software design, product development, technical management, and operations.